Kimoto Tech, Inc.

Our Mission

  • Confidentiality

    It is our intention to continuously improve (Kaizen) and fully satisfy customer requirements with respect to timeliness, performance, freedom from defects and suitability for the intended application.

    Strict confidentiality is the foundation of our unique business partnerships. As a leader in research and development of custom coating and specialty functional film, Kimoto Tech, Inc. has extensive experience with the development of proprietary products and processes. As a result, we will become your internal advisor and in-house resource specialist. And, with a broader understanding of your business needs, we can help maximize your business, market share and profitability.

    We will continue developing new technologies and products to raise our customers' satisfaction.


    Kimoto Tech, Inc. is committed to maintaining the highest standards of Corporate Social Responsibility in every aspect of its business activities, to insure that its business practices and procedures demonstrate that it is a caring organization that values all of its stakeholders, and is committed to its employees, customers, local community, the environment, and its suppliers.

    Superior quality is gained through a superior environment. Kimoto Tech, Inc. has been devoted to technical development in these beautiful surroundings, promoting local social-solidarity.