White paper - Conductive Films

Dr. Nizamidin Jappar


The ideal transparent electrode; conductive polymer (CP) coated film, and conductive silver nano particle (AgNP’s) coated film, for flexible displays has been produced at lower cost, lower resistivity, higher transmittance and with improved flexibility property at the Kimoto Tech Inc (KTI) by using roll-to-roll process. Furthermore, KTI has developed a hybrid conductive film by using a simple and effective method, and achieved a highly conductive silver nano-particle / conductive polymer composite mesh with excellent optical transparency and mechanical properties. This is achieved via applying PEDOT:PSS solutions sequentially to treat AgNP’s films, resulting in AgNP / PEDOT:PSS composites. Thin films coated from this composite possess excellent mechanical, electric and optical properties.

The strong adhesion between AgNPs and the substrate is critical to obtain stable and robust AgNP films for wide application. The coated film’s network, transparence, and conductivity were increased when polyethylene oxide functional acrylic monomers were used as primer which bound AgNP and substrate.

Kimoto's coating technology improves flexible conductive films by supplementing with consistent high electric conductivity, high transparency, excellent abrasion resistance, and weather ability. KTI adds value and functionality by applying a variety of proprietary coatings to plastic substrates on one or both sides.