Summary of ID Tech Show 2018

Kimoto Tech USA Sales/Marketing Team

The Kimoto Tech team exhibited a wide range of coated film products at the 2018 ID Tech Ex Show, which focused on a variety of market, segments such as 3D Printing, Electric Vehicles, Energy Storage Innovations, Graphene & 2D Materials, IoT Applications, Printed Electronics, Sensors, and Wearable's. This year's show had an assortment of exhibitors and attendees spanning multiple industries but all eager to understand what advancements are available in the market especially those promoted by Kimoto Tech. The feedback provided from attendees and exhibitors were very promising and opportunities for future collaborations. Our Carbon Feather (light shielding film) and our adhesives (OCA and PSA) were by far the most popular films of interest. Aside from the films displayed, visitors to Kimoto's booth were pleasantly surprised by Kimoto's manufacturing capabilities, which includes a Class 1000 cleanroom compact line in Cedartown, Georgia. The overwhelming feedback was that Kimoto is in a good position to support a multitude of companies in different industries with interests and applications in need of Kimoto Film.