Products & Applications

Glass Protection Films

Kimoto’s line of adhesive backed films are constructed from high quality polyester (PET) base films, functional nano-coatings and paired with permanent acrylic adhesives to provide outstanding optical clarity. These films may be barely visible when applied but they provide functional features, decorative properties and protection for interior window and glass surface applications.  

Design Characteristics

  • Optically clear 2 mil  and 5 mil PET base film for high transparency/light transmission
  • Aggressive permanent acrylic adhesive layer to provide shatter protection
  • Integrated UV filter layer to block up to 98% of UV light to protect materials against fading
  • Hardcoat surface layer that provides scratch protection and easy cleanability

Product Range

Glasstect UPi Plus  - is used for long term glass decoration and design applications where there is a need for the functionality of a safety/security film  - UV blocking, shatter protection, surface protection – and the option of printing (via UV cure inkjet) for individual customization/decoration.

Glasstect 50Li – is used as a safety/security film.  This product is designed to hold broken glass in place and help reduce the danger to people and property from flying shards or shattered glass.

Glasstect CV – is used as an anti-fog/fog prevention film.  This product has a clear functional surface coating that provides permanent anti-fog properties.  Can be used on windows, mirrors and commercial refrigeration doors.   


  • Window protection
  • Mirror protection
  • Refrigerator/Freezer glass display cases
  • Solar Control
  • Glass/window decoration
  • Architectural glass design