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Light Management Films

Kimoto offers a range of light management films that offer options for light transmission, light diffusion, light reflection and light shielding.  Lightup, OptSaver, Ref-White and CARBONFEATHER – are created by using proprietary chemistry formulations coated roll-to-roll under Class 100 cleanroom conditions on to polyester base materials.  These products optimize the energy efficiency and output of lighting systems. Designers can access infromation about the light management films in the following light simulation software tools: DIAL (Dialux), Relux (ReluxSuite), Integra (Lumicept), Synopsys (LightTools), Optis (SPEOS), Lamda Research (TracePro), ZEMAX (OpticStudio), Breault (ASAP).

Product Range

Light Diffusion – OptSaver series films are designed specifically for LED lighting and printed electronics to provide a wide range of illumination angles and hiding ratios for accurate light output.  A PET base film ranging in thickness from 75 microns – 100 microns, is coated 1 or 2 sides with a diffusion layer that is tailored to provide low to high diffusion ranges coupled with hiding ratios spanning from 1:3 to 1:12 to allow you to fine tune the output characteristics.  

Light Transmission – Lightup series films are designed to diffuse hot spots and produce an even illumination while maintaining a high transmission of the available light.  PET base films ranging in thickness from 75 microns – 100 microns are coated 1 side or 2 sides with diffusion chemistries with anti-static properties and anti-blocking layers being incorporated to ease handling during processing.  A wide range of transmittance and haze values are available to improve display quality and reduce energy consumption within the light source

Light Reflection – Ref-White film is designed to reflect or redirect light, increase the illumination and minimize the amount of light escaped or absorbed by other materials in the construction.  A white PET base film, 188 micron thickness is used and provides great reflectance which allows a lower capacity light source to produce a very bright display.

Light Shielding – CARBONFEATHER series films are designed to block unwanted light and reflections inside of optical and lighting assemblies. The construction uses a stabilized PET bases for low thermal expansion, thickness from 12 micron – 250 micron, coated 2 sides with a light absorption layer that provides a range of optical density, low surface gloss, roughness, mechanical friction and good electrical resistance

Design Characteristics

  • Made using durable PET base materials providing enhanced optical and mechanical properties
  • Clean room coating and processing conditions for highest cleanliness
  • Anti-static and pre-treatments to allow for ease of handling
  • Kimoto Light Management Films can be found in LightTools


  • LED lighting
  • Packaging for light sensitive materials
  • Luminaires
  • LCD Screens
  • Light boxes
  • 2-sided displays
  • Backlit signage
  • Edge lighting
  • Technical Lighting

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