Products & Applications

Processing Films


Our industrial processing and carrier films are used for a variety of industrial applications that require materials to be fixed, transported or transfered during production.

The Prosave PSA films are a family of specialized adhesive constructions utilizing durable PET base films to support a variety of functionally specific uses and performance requirements.  Each product in the range offers different peel strength and adhesive characteristics but all leave very low adhesive residue when removed.  These products are manufactured in Class 1000 cleanrooms to meet the demands of applications that do not tolerate dust/dirt/undergo camera and visual inspection and require durability.

For further details regarding our adhesive films, please visit our dedicated Prosave products page.

Our matte structured Sandmatte films can be produced on different substrates depending on the required application and offer functions such as:

  • Adhesion promotion
  • Prevention of blocking of contact materials
  • Transfer of structured and printed layers

Please visit our dedicated Sandmatte page for more detailed information regarding our sandblast technology.
If you are interested in transfer of ink and fuctional layers, please visit our dedicated Releasy web-page.


  • Mount optical film
  • Foam processing
  • Work-in-process protection
  • Sensor protection
  • Surface protection
  • Protection for LCD’s and monitors
  • Processing film
  • Carrier film
  • Transfer film