The base film is structured in our sandblasting technology and coated with a release layer compatibel with ink systems for specific applications. The good dimensional stability of the PET base film guarantees accurate transfers that are important for functional layers as produced with conductive inks for sensors and heaters.

Thicnkess range: 6μm - 188μm
Width: Max.1,350㎜
Coating: Polymer Release Layer

Applications and functions:

  • Printable with decorative of functional inks (e.g. electric conductive)
  • Excellent dimensional stability when exposed to heat
  • Transfer of structured printing layers

For more detailed information regarding our structured transfer films please visit our dedicated Releasy web page.

Sandmatte ENSandmatte documentation with product details and specifications in English download
Sandmatte DESandmatte Dokumentation mit detaillierten Informationen und Spezifikationen in Deutsch download