Our matte structured films can be produced on different substrates depending on the required application such as PET , PEN , PI , PP , TAC , OPP , CPP , PPS. The films are processed in a mechanical sand blasting technology to create s pecific surface structure suitable for the chosen functionality. Our production line also allows us to add an additional coating layer after the sandblasting process.

Thicnkess range: 12μm - 350μm
Width: 500㎜ -1,350㎜
Sandblast structures: Single-side , Double-side with Low, Medium or Deep structures
Coatings: Antistatic treatment , Polymer (Release) treatment

Applications and functions:

  • Adhesion promotion
  • Prevention of blocking of contact materials
  • Transfer of structured material layers
  • Carrier film with release properties

For detailed information regarding our sandmatte technology please visit our dedicated Sandmatte page.

Sandmatte ENSandmatte documentation with product details and specifications in English download
Sandmatte DESandmatte Dokumentation mit detaillierten Informationen und Spezifikationen in Deutsch download