KB-FILMS were designed in response to needs in the Display, Touchscreen, ITO Sputtering and Metallizing markets for coated polyester films with the highest optical quality, overall cleanliness, pristine cosmetics, range of surface treatments, available adhesion promoting coatings while being scratch and chemical resistant.  KB-FILMS are coated and converted at Kimoto’s Japanese manufacturing sites under Class 100 cleanroom conditions.

The KB line of films provides a high performance process component for integration into flexible printed electronics, displays, smart windows, capacitive touch panels, printed sensors, smart cards, etc.

Design Characteristics

  • Glass-like surface finishes (pencil hardness up to 3H JIS)
  • Scratch and chemical resistance
  • High transparency/high visible light transmission
  • Second surface printability


  • Simple organic circuitry
  • Inorganic and organic active matrix backplanes
  • OLED displays and lighting

Product Range

  • Surface finishes: gloss, semi-matte
  • Film Thickness: 2 mil (50 micron), 5 mil, (125 micron), 7.5 mil (188 micron)
  • Protective masking - supplied on the print treat side for protection and to eliminate "blocking"


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