Light diffusion films for LED lighting and printed electronics

Optsaver is a diffusion film that uses one or two layers of coating on a polyester base to distribute light. The task of the film is to produce even brightness on the complete surface and to redirect as much light as possible towards the target. The films are highly efficient with a transmittance up to 99% depending on the film type.

Our diffusion films are used in the design of power efficient LED lighting systems, where good ilumination angles paired with high light transmission are key. Optsaver can be used for edge-lighting as well as for direct illumination systems. The measurement of the angles is noted as "half width at half maximum" (HWHM) and it tested according to DIN5036.

The good heat stability and printability make the films ideal for the use in printed electronics project creating "secret until lit" user interfaces in consumer electronics, white goods, automotive and industrial projects.

To complete our range we offer a white film for light reflection. REF-White is a highly reflective PET material that increases the efficiency of lighting systems and is therefore the ideal partner for our Optsaver materials.



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