Hardcoated Polyester Films

ElastoDur films were designed in response to the needs in the membrane switch and graphic overlay markets for a flexible material that was mechanically and chemically durable, would offer first surface protection and a printable second surface.  The material would also be able to be embossed, laminated and die cut into finished sizes for downstream applications. 

The ElastoDur line of films continues to evolve with a choice of surface finishes that provides protection, aesthetics and functionality when integrated into human machine interface technologies, flexible printed electronics, displays, touch screens, printed sensors, smart cards, nameplates, etc.

ElastoDur Design Characteristics

  • First surface printable with clear, matte and texture UV cure inks
  • Second surface printable with solvent and UV screen inks and UV cure digital inkjet inks
  • Scratch resistance on PET base, 2-3 H
  • Chemical resistance from household cleaners, sanitizers and industrial solvents
  • REACH and RoHs certified

Product Range

  • Surface finishes: gloss, anti-glare, Fine
  • Film thickness: 5 mil (125 micron), 7.5 mil (188 micron)
  • Protective masking supplied on print side for protection and to prevent blocking